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Export Market Profiles

With demand for protein and meat alternatives increasing in Australia and New Zealand’s key export markets across Asia, more plant-based meat companies in our region are seeking to grow their export footprint. This new, original resource provides market intelligence such as consumer profiles, brands in market and distribution insights to offer guidance on seven markets including: China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea. 

2021 Product Labelling Analysis

The labelling of plant-based meat alternatives – a category that’s grown to include a wide variety of products in Australian supermarkets – is the subject of a current Senate Inquiry. 

As in-depth evidence to inform this process, this quantitative analysis of front-of-pack labels of 252 plant-based meat alternatives on sale in July 2021 provides comprehensive data on how products are labelled across the entire category. 

For research methodology and product data, click here. Access the key findings report in the ‘Download’ link below.

2020 State of the Industry

FY20 saw exponential growth for Australia’s plant-based meat sector, driven by increasing consumer interest and new commercial entrants. Even amidst the significant impacts of COVID-19, the Australian sector doubled its jobs, manufacturing revenue and number of products on shelves from 2019-2020.

This report features new economic analysis by Deloitte Access Economics and explores how business, agriculture and government in Australia can benefit from this emerging industry’s growth trajectory, projected to reach $3 billion by 2030.  

Deloitte Access Economics Methodology Excerpt

Published: March 15th 2021.

Plant-Based Meat: A Healthier Choice?

With Aussies eating more than double the red meat in 2019 than advised by dietary guidelines – and Kiwis eating over a third more – consumers seeking alternatives to meat are asking, can plant-based meats be a healthier choice? 

In collaboration with co-author Teri Lichtenstein, Accredited Practising Dietitian, this first-of-its-kind report compares the nutrition of plant-based meats available in AU/NZ to similar conventional meats, from sausages and burgers to crumbed chicken and more. The report also explores processing, ingredients, food safety and more.

Supporting Graphics Available

Published: August 12th 2020.

… also download our consumer guide, with recipes!

Find more information on plant-based meats in this free guide featuring helpful tips from Teri Lichtenstein, APD, on the role plant-based meats can play in your diet. The guide includes a side-by-side nutrition comparison of plant-based meats to similar conventional meat products, along with five recipes featuring easy swaps of plant-based meat for recipe favourites – tacos, Thai curry and more!

Hungry for Plant-Based: Australian Consumer Insights

New market research by Colmar Brunton shows millions of Australians are reducing their meat intake, and interest in plant-based alternatives is gaining considerable momentum.

In partnership with Life Health Foods, Food Frontier presents this highlights report to provide a deeper understanding of Australian consumers’ evolving relationship with meat and growing interest in plant-based meat alternatives.

Published: October 29th 2019.

Hungry for Plant-Based: New Zealand Consumer Insights

Over a million-and-a-half Kiwis are eating less meat according to new market research by Colmar Brunton, which also shows increasing interest in plant-based alternatives.

Gain a deeper understanding of New Zealand consumers’ evolving relationship with meat and interest in plant-based meat alternatives in this highlights report by Food Frontier & Life Health Foods.

Published: October 29th 2019.

Meat the Alternative: 2019 State of the Industry

With Australia’s plant-based meat sector on the cusp of massive expansion, how does rising consumer and retailer interest translate to new business and agricultural opportunities for the nation?

This first-of-its kind economic analysis reveals the size and economic contribution of plant-based meat in Australia today and in 2030, based on world-first research by Deloitte Access Economics.

Published: September 4th 2019.