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Are you after information, advice, interviews, introductions, or volunteer opportunities? We’d be delighted to help. Please refer to our FAQs and contact form below.
What is Food Frontier, and what kind of work do you do?

Food Frontier is the independent think tank on alternative proteins in Australia and New Zealand. We’re committed to growing our region’s protein supply with new, sustainable and nutritious options that create value for businesses, farmers and consumers. Our work is funded by grants and donations.

Since 2017, Food Frontier’s research, events and engagements have helped businesses, policymakers and innovators to understand the emergence of plant-based meat, precision fermentation and cultivated meat, and unlock the economic, environmental, and public health benefits they offer.  

How can I support Food Frontier’s work?

Food Frontier relies on the generous support of donors, interns and advisors who share our vision. There are many opportunities for you to co-create meaningful change towards a sustainable, nutritious and future-proof protein supply with Food Frontier:

  • If you are a professional or student with strong research and writing experience and would like to apply for a fellowship or internship, please get in touch via the form below.
  • If you have other expertise or ideas, we’d also love to hear from you.
  • If you are keen to back our high-impact initiatives, we are a not-for-profit organisation and tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated. Our work is funded by donations and grants.


I am a journalist who’d like to interview someone at Food Frontier. How can I get in touch?

Please contact us at info(AT) or 0413 418 820 to reach our Head of Communications. Please share details about your story topic, proposed questions and deadline in your request, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. 

I am interested in launching a venture, conducting research or otherwise engaging directly with the alternative proteins sector. What services does Food Frontier offer?

We offer advice, assistance and access to resources and networks to companies across the spectrum, from start-ups to established manufacturers to conventional meat producers interested in diversifying. Please get in touch via the form below and include a detailed request with context on your company, and we’d be delighted to chat.

We also encourage you to learn more about the alternative proteins landscape in Australia and New Zealand through our research reports, available on our Reports page.

What kind of organisation is Food Frontier, and how are you funded?

Food Frontier is a not-for-profit organisation and endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient, meaning all donations made to the organisation are tax-deductible. We operate a mixed funding model of donations and grants from generous, vision-aligned supporters, including a range of foundations, philanthropists, and members of the public.

We have also been supported by governments across Australia and New Zealand in the form of event sponsorship and commissioned future research. 

Every cent we receive is invested in driving Food Frontier’s high-impact programs, with comprehensive oversight by our Board of Directors. Find out more about making a 100% tax-deductible donation.

I am an investor interested in backing alternative proteins. Where should I start?

Please get in touch via the form below to provide more details about your investment interests. We’ll happily connect you with start-ups that are raising capital, or add you to our investor database to receive information on future opportunities and investment events.

I am a student undertaking a project on alternative proteins. Can I interview someone at Food Frontier?

Nice choice of topic! We encourage you to refer to our  Reports and Resources page to find robust information on the market landscape, economics, nutrition and consumer insights related to alternative proteins, and more. As a small organisation with limited resources, we’re unfortunately unable to accommodate student interviews.

What resources do you offer?

Food Frontier develops and publishes a variety of research reports on alternative proteins, from reviewing the global and regional market landscape, to the economic opportunity of plant-based meat in Australia, to local consumer insights, and more. Please visit our Resources or Reports.

I am a university student / postgraduate interested in an internship/fellowship – how can I apply?

If you are interested in volunteering with us, we welcome applications from potential interns and research fellows.

To explore these opportunities further, please send your CV to info[AT] and tell us about:

  • Your interest in this space
  • Your key skills/strengths, and any examples of where you have demonstrated them
  • The types of projects you might like to undertake based on your strengths and what you enjoy doing (e.g. desk research, data collection, market analytics, stakeholder interviews, content writing, etc.)
  • If you are interested in a voluntary internship, when you would be looking to complete the internship, and if is through your university, any details on the criteria/requirements your university has set
  • If you are interested in a voluntary research fellowship, when you would be looking to start and your general availability.
Are you hiring?

All current job listings at Food Frontier are featured on our About Us page. We are a small organisation, so while opportunities are limited, we encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn for new hiring announcements.

What region/s does Food Frontier specialise in?

Food Frontier focuses on the Asia Pacific region, primarily Australia and New Zealand. If you are interested in engaging with the plant-based meat, precision fermentation or cultivated meat sectors outside of this region, please contact us via the form below and we’ll do our best to refer you to one of our overseas contacts or partner organisations who can help.

What about insect protein?

Food Frontier works to drive nutritious, sustainable solutions to meet the world’s growing demand for meat. We believe plant-based meat and cultivated meat are the most impactful solutions to address this challenge, whilst still satisfying consumer desires.

We recognise insects are used by some as a protein supplement in products and meals, and even pet foods. But to create better sausages, burgers and meatballs that are as delicious as the ones we’ve come to love – and thus viable to help people reduce their consumption of conventional meat – plant proteins and cell-culturing technology are currently the most effective tools available.

Who is eating alternative proteins, and why?

Data from Roy MorganEuromonitor InternationalMintel and Toluna suggests millions of Australians are now choosing plant-based or ‘flexitarian’ eating, and Australian and New Zealand retailers have responded with 250+ plant-based meat products now on grocery shelves.

Our 2019 report Hungry for Plant-Based: Consumer Insights featuring research by Colmar Brunton shows 42% of Australians and 34% of New Zealanders were actively limiting their consumption of meat in the last year – or eating none at all. The study also found that six-in-ten Australians and New Zealanders have tried, or would like to try, the newest varieties of plant-based meat products.

While cultivated meat is not yet available commercially in our region, interest from both investors and consumers is strong.

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