About us

As the independent think tank on alternative proteins in Australia and New Zealand, we’re committed to growing our region’s protein supply with new, sustainable and nutritious options that create value for businesses, farmers and consumers. Diversifying our protein supply with sustainable food options that are nutritious and satisfying is critical to feeding people in the future.

Our priorities

Increasing understanding of alternative proteins: We are focused on strengthening the evidence base on the benefits of alternative proteins, and ensuring those data and insights are accessible to consumers, business leaders, policymakers, media and more.

Strengthening pathways for engagement across the supply chain: We are delivering valuable insights to farmers interested in diversifying their crops, ingredients makers considering the growing demand for domestically produced protein ingredients, and Australian and New Zealand businesses seeking to bolster their exports, particularly into Asian markets.

Making the business case for investment: We are providing key insights to both public and private investors, backed by market analysis and our collective knowledge of where the local alt-proteins sector is headed, to ensure funding into high-impact areas.

Our vision

A diverse protein supply that more safely and sustainably feeds our region

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How we move the needle

Driving dialogue with data

Critical research to drive informed, widespread engagement

Supporting food producers

Advice, introductions and resources for companies, start-ups and farmers

Advising policymakers

Insights for governments and peak bodies to inform policy decisions

How we started

After a decade driving food systems, environmental and poverty alleviation initiatives across five continents, Thomas King recognised that the growing impacts of our global food system underpinned these challenges, and many others our world faces today. Realising the huge potential of emerging proteins to increase the safety, sustainability and security of our food supply, he founded Food Frontier in 2017 as Australia and New Zealand’s independent think tank on alternative proteins.

Over the past seven years, Food Frontier’s research, events and engagements have helped leaders understand the emergence and unlock the benefits of plant based meat, precision fermentation and cultivated meat. Our work continues today with our commitment to growing our region’s protein supply with new, sustainable and nutritious options that create value for businesses, farmers and consumers. Food Frontier is funded by grants, donations and commissioned research, so we can remain proudly independent.

The future of food
is in our hands

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