Our policies

Diversity and inclusion policy

This policy outlines Food Frontier’s commitment to providing a community that embraces diversity and inclusion.


People management

Embrace a culture of diversity and inclusion is the right thing to do; it enables our people to feel safe and valued; leading to greater engagement, satisfaction, innovation and productivity.

People participation

Our people can participate fully and reach their full potential. We embrace the unique diversity, skills, lived experiences and qualities of our people to assist us in developing a safe, equitable, culturally appropriate and inclusive environment. We strive for excellence, and to be an ‘employer of choice’ in our sector.

Treatment of our people

We treat everyone fairly and equitably and we acknowledge our people have a wealth of knowledge, skills and capabilities. We consistently demonstrate appropriate behaviours; we listen, engage, and understand our people and respond appropriately to their individual needs and changing circumstances.


We are all responsible for diversity and inclusion. The building and modelling of positive,

respectful and inclusive behaviour and the valuing of diversity and diversity of opinions is vital to ensuring a constructive organisational culture. Diversity and inclusion is everyone’s responsibility and all representatives should be committed to Diversity and Inclusion. It is every individual’s responsibility to unpack their biases and develop an understanding of how being an active (rather than passive) supporter in our community is important.


Leaders will demonstrate commitment to achieving outcomes through promoting and reinforcing positive inclusive behaviours and through organisational diversity and inclusion including reporting on measures for diversity and inclusion.

Culture and environment

All representatives are expected to:

  • Respect individual differences and treat all people with dignity
  • Contribute and support an inclusive organisation that values and utilises people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives
  • Be aware of our policies and procedures and how they relate to the principles of diversity and inclusion

Additional requirements for staff, directors and leaders

  • Foster diversity of thinking, appreciate and understand how to support a diverse organisation 
  • Promote and demonstrate inclusive leadership practices and model constructive workplace behaviours that promote diversity and inclusion practices
  • Communicate the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and promote appropriate standards of conduct at all times
  • Apply ethical decision-making in circumstances related to employment and diversity and inclusion 

Additional requirements for executives

  • Champion, lead and promote inclusion and diversity through inclusive leadership and modelling behaviours
  • Drive performance by creating a strong and dynamic working environment that effectively accesses the potential of all employees
  • Consult and adopt contemporary approaches to inclusion and diversity issues in policies, practices and systems that support our people and better reflect the community in which we operate.

Food Frontier is committed to governance and operational excellence.  If you would like more information beyond the summary of these selected policies, please contact us at info@foodfrontier.org

Gender equity policy

As an employer Food Frontier is committed to promoting gender equality and to ensuring equality of opportunity and outcomes for all in our ecosystem.

Gender equality

Gender equality involves equality of opportunity and equality of results. It includes the redistribution of resources and responsibilities between women and men and the transformation of the underlying causes and structures of gender inequality to achieve substantive equality. It is about recognising diversity and disadvantage to ensure equal outcomes for all and therefore often requires women-specific programs and policies to end existing inequalities. 

Food Frontier will ensure that all its people and organisational policies, procedures, systems and structures actively promote gender equality and seek to expose and redress gender inequities. 

Culture and environment

At Food Frontier everyone is responsible for promoting gender equality and modelling respectful relationships. All people will be held accountable if they use language and/or demonstrate behaviour that:

  • promotes unequal power relations between women and men 
  • perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes
  • condones violence against women. 

For example: Unacceptable behaviour includes accessing or sharing sexist or discriminatory materials, using sexist, stereotyping or discriminatory language, dismissing acts of gender-based violence as trivial, making jokes that rely on gender stereotypes, and victim blaming when discussing gender-based violence. 

Promoting gender equality and modelling respectful relationships is just as important for staff and volunteers as it is for the community.

This Policy takes into consideration United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Food Frontier is committed to governance and operational excellence.  If you would like more information beyond the summary of these selected policies, please contact us at info@foodfrontier.org

Risk management policy

The Board believes that the effective management of risk safeguards the achievement of the organisation’s strategic objectives.

The organisation will implement cost effective risk management strategies to:

  • Increase the likelihood of being successful in its business operations by maximising the results of positive events, through the implementation of risk management strategies
  • Reduce the consequence and/or likelihood of potentially damaging events
  • Use commercial arrangements e.g. insurance and contractual arrangements to minimise losses from potentially damaging events
  • Provide decision makers with information to assess risks in their business area
  • Ensure that the application of risk management practices adds value to its service delivery
  • Foster and encourage a risk-aware culture and proactive management of risk issues

Food Frontier is committed to governance and operational excellence.  If you would like more information beyond the summary of these selected policies, please contact us at info@foodfrontier.org