We future-proof our food system by accelerating PROTEIN INNOVATIONS that are better for people
and the planet.

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Food Frontier solves some of the biggest threats
to public health and sustainability by working
across the Asia Pacific to accelerate growth in
plant-based meat and cell-based meat


We unlock opportunities for businesses to capitalise on the surging demand for new protein options.


We provide expertise to enable future-focused governments to attract innovation and jobs to the region.


We connect innovators & investors with opportunities to champion game-changing food creations.

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Discover the size-of-the-prize for plant-based meat in Australia

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Food Frontier

@foodfrontierorg Sep 10
Beef reporter Campbell Cooney asserts that "if plant based meat alternatives want to attract meat eaters, what is being offered has to taste like meat" - read what @SunfedMeats and Rogue Foods, as well as our CEO had to say. https://t.co/fODQKdX89R

Food Frontier

@foodfrontierorg Sep 09
The Sydney Morning Herald says plant-based meat is a sector “ready to surge” as “opportunities to create jobs and boost productivity are sorely needed” - and @foodfrontierorg's recent report validates it. @smh https://t.co/QiQeJB228k

I believe that in 30 years or so ... all meat will either be clean or plant-based, taste the same and also be much healthier for everyone.

Richard Branson
August 2017

If we can grow the meat without the animal, why wouldn't we?

Tom Hayes
Tyson Foods Inc
August 2017

Why rely on animals to convert plants into meat? Going directly to plants is more efficient, safer and will become cheaper. That’s what we’re doing.

Shama Lee
CEO, Sunfed Meats

The future is about a plant-based diet, even for the meat-eaters.

Jamie Oliver
February 2015