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2020 State of the Industry

FY20 saw exponential growth for Australia’s plant-based meat sector, driven by increasing consumer interest and new commercial entrants. Even amidst the significant impacts of COVID-19, the Australian sector doubled its jobs, manufacturing revenue and number of products on shelves from 2019-2020.

This report features new economic analysis by Deloitte Access Economics and explores how business, agriculture and government in Australia can benefit from this emerging industry’s growth trajectory, projected to reach $3 billion by 2030.  

Deloitte Access Economics Methodology Excerpt
Plant-Based Meat: A Healthier Choice?

With Aussies eating more than double the red meat in 2019 than advised by dietary guidelines – and Kiwis eating over a third more – consumers seeking alternatives to meat are asking, can plant-based meats be a healthier choice? 

In collaboration with co-author Teri Lichtenstein, Accredited Practising Dietitian, this first-of-its-kind report compares the nutrition of plant-based meats available in AU/NZ to similar conventional meats, from sausages and burgers to crumbed chicken and more. The report also explores processing, ingredients, food safety and more.

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Published: August 12th 2020.

… also download our consumer guide, with recipes!

Find more information on plant-based meats in this free guide featuring helpful tips from Teri Lichtenstein, APD, on the role plant-based meats can play in your diet. The guide includes a side-by-side nutrition comparison of plant-based meats to similar conventional meat products, along with five recipes featuring easy swaps of plant-based meat for recipe favourites – tacos, Thai curry and more!

Hungry for Plant-Based: Australian Consumer Insights

New market research by Colmar Brunton shows millions of Australians are reducing their meat intake, and interest in plant-based alternatives is gaining considerable momentum.

In partnership with Life Health Foods, Food Frontier presents this highlights report to provide a deeper understanding of Australian consumers’ evolving relationship with meat and growing interest in plant-based meat alternatives.

Published: October 29th 2019.

Hungry for Plant-Based: New Zealand Consumer Insights

Over a million-and-a-half Kiwis are eating less meat according to new market research by Colmar Brunton, which also shows increasing interest in plant-based alternatives.

Gain a deeper understanding of New Zealand consumers’ evolving relationship with meat and interest in plant-based meat alternatives in this highlights report by Food Frontier & Life Health Foods.

Published: October 29th 2019.

Meat the Alternative: 2019 State of the Industry

With Australia’s plant-based meat sector on the cusp of massive expansion, how does rising consumer and retailer interest translate to new business and agricultural opportunities for the nation?

This first-of-its kind economic analysis reveals the size and economic contribution of plant-based meat in Australia today and in 2030, based on world-first research by Deloitte Access Economics.

Published: September 4th 2019.