For people seeking more information on plant-based meats – including how they stack up nutritionally – Food Frontier has created A Guide for Consumers: Introducing Plant-based Meat.  

The guide features helpful tips from Teri Lichtenstein, a leading Accredited Practising Dietitian, for those considering the role of plant-based meats in their diet. It also has a side-by-side nutrition comparison of plant-based meats to similar conventional meats.

Consumers can find five recipes inside, featuring easy plant-based meat swaps for some of their favourite meals – tacos, Thai curry and more!

The guide is based on findings from Food Frontier’s latest report, Plant-Based Meat: A Healthier Choice?  The guide provides generalised advice; if you’re seeking to make any dietary decisions with respect to your health, consult an expert such as an Accredited Practising Dietitian or a qualified health professional.

To learn more and find easy plant-based meat recipe swaps, download the free guide here.