Food Frontier is delighted to announce that Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Nutritionist and Sports Dietitian, Teri Lichtenstein has joined the Food Frontier Advisory Council. Teri has over 20 years’ experience within the food and healthcare industries and is a board member of Nutrition Australia.

Teri has previously worked alongside Food Frontier as co-author of Food Frontier’s 2020 report on the health and nutrition of plant-based meat, where she contributed a wealth of knowledge as an APD and brought critical external expertise to the project. Following the report launch, Food Frontier has continued working with Teri as we’ve fielded requests from a variety of nutrition-focused organisations, retailers and others to present the findings of the report, as well as from media for news stories.

Her appointment to the Advisory Council comes as conversations around the health and nutrition of plant-based meat continue to evolve as consumer interest in meat alternatives increases.

‘It’s been a pleasure working with the Food Frontier team to uncover interesting insights on the nutrition of plant-based meats through the development of our research report last year,” said Teri. “I’m honoured to now be appointed to the Advisory Council to continue sharing my expertise.”

“With Australians consuming nearly double the amount of red meat recommended by dietary guidelines in 2020, plant-based proteins, like plant-based meats, can provide a healthier alternative for those seeking to reduce their meat consumption. Our report found that on average, across most categories like sausages, crumbed chicken and more, plant-based meats were nutritionally superior or equivalent to their conventional meat counterparts, which indicates these alternatives can play a role in a healthy and varied diet. Like conventional sausages and burgers, plant-based meats are also processed foods, although they do offer benefits compared to conventional meat, like dietary fibre and considerably lower saturated fat.

Nothing beats whole foods like legumes, vegetables and grains, however plant-based meats can play a role in providing consumers with a centre-of-plate protein option that helps to reduce meat intake, yet still offers the same texture and tastes that consumers love.

 I believe it’s important to ensure that conversations around meat reduction are in line with dietary guidelines, and the benefits of plant-based alternatives, are evidence-based and also realistically consider consumer behaviours and motivations. Acting as an advisor to Food Frontier in this capacity aligns well with my professional approach to nutrition.”

Teri joins a host of other outstanding subject matter experts on the Food Frontier Advisory Council, who provide counsel on topics from sustainability to agricultural systems to impact investment and more.