Singapore cell-cultivated seafood company Shiok Meats has debuted the world’s first cultivated crab meat served to guests at a private tasting event in dishes including crab cakes and chilli crab.

According to co-founders Dr. Sandhya Sriram and Dr. Ka Yi Ling, the development represents a turning point in bringing cultivated crustaceans closer to consumers.

 “We are ecstatic that we were able to showcase the first ever cell-based crab meat that we produced in our facility. Our mission is to develop cell-based meats that are contributing towards a cleaner and healthier seafood industry,” said the co-founders.

Shiok Meats partnered with Chef José Luis Del Amo to highlight the cultivated crab meat in the two recipes. “The ingredient is versatile and works well across different cuisines, including local Asian dishes,” said Chef José.

Shiok Meats said its cultivated crustaceans are more sustainable than traditional aquaculture production due to their proprietary technology, which isolates stem cells from crustaceans, cultivates and then harvests the meat in a controlled environment. Cellular agriculture technology can grow crustaceans four times faster than conventional seafood production, the company said.

Shiok Meats recently raised AU$13.6M in funds, which the company said will go towards building its research and production facility in Singapore.

The company’s crab meat joins its line-up of other cultivated crustacean products, including prawn and lobster, which the start-up said will be launched to market in Singapore by 2023.

Shiok Meats co-founder Dr. Ka Yi Ling will speak at Food Frontier’s AltProteins 2021 Conference, sharing insights about the path to market for cellular agriculture products and what the world can learn from Singapore’s world-first approval of cultivated chicken. Register today to attend this inaugural event.

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