Seafood-focused cellular agriculture company Shiok Meats has this week unveiled the world’s first cell-cultivated lobster. The lobster prototype was showcased at a tasting event in Singapore in two dishes, a lobster gazpacho and a lobster terrine.

The groundbreaking development comes after the company unveiled cell-cultivated shrimp meat just last year. Shiok Meats founder Sandhya Sriram said that the company is aiming for commercial availability of Shiok Shrimp in restaurants and foodservice outlets by 2022 and is “hopeful to get regulatory approval closer to our commercialisation.”

Shiok Meats is also working to produce cell-cultivated crab meat, choosing to focus on seafood in order to improve sustainability for the global food supply. Current global fishing trends have scientists worried, predicting that without serious remediation, stocks of every species of wild-caught seafood will collapse by 2050.

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