With more plant-based meat products landing on supermarket shelves and restaurant menus down under, consumers seeking to reduce their meat consumption for their health are asking: are plant-based meats a healthier choice?

Today, Food Frontier and co-author Teri Lichtenstein, a leading Accredited Practising Dietitian, aim to answer that question with the launch of our latest research report, Plant-Based Meat: A Healthier Choice?.

The report offers a first-of-its-kind analysis of the health and nutrition of plant-based meats available across Australia and New Zealand. In a comparison of the nutrition averages of plant-based meats to similarly processed, conventional meats – such as sausages, burgers and chicken-style pieces – the report found plant-based meats on average, have:

• Higher or comparable protein

• Lower or comparable kilojoules and sodium

• Lower fat and considerably lower saturated fat

• Health-promoting fibre (65% of plant-based meats that list fibre are a “good” or “excellent” source)

The report also explores evidence on other factors that may influence health, from processing to ingredients, as well as the individual and public health risks associated with high production and consumption of conventional meat.

“Consumers who want to reduce their meat consumption and are seeking a protein-packed alternative should know that plant-based meats can serve as a healthier option than similar conventional meats,” said report co-author and Accredited Practising Dietitian, Teri Lichtenstein.

Food Frontier CEO Thomas King, underscored: “This report provides an evidence-based, data-driven analysis to answer questions on nutrition, processing, ingredients and more, and brings context to the conversation by unpacking how plant-based meats compare to conventional meats in equivalent formats.”

Download your free copy of the report today at www.foodfrontier.org/reports.

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