Australian start-up Vow has collaborated with celebrity chef and owner of the Rockpool Group Neil Perry in a unique partnership highlighting how cellular agriculture could be a part of high-end, creative cuisine in the future.

Perry created a series of dishes with six different cell-cultivated meats from kangaroo crystal dumplings to goat cheeseburger sliders to alpaca chilli tarama and more, demonstrating Vow’s expanding range of product development.

The milestone comes as the Sydney based cultivated meat start-up has grown from two co-founders – Tim Noakesmith and George Peppou – to a team of 16, in just 18 months. Noakesmith celebrated the milestone, saying, “Having the support and the interest of someone of the calibre of Neil Perry is a massive deal for us. It actually opens a new era of thinking about the creativity of food.”

The partnership reflects Vow’s strategy of, as Noakesmith says, “working with the best and the smartest and the most influential in food to create products that are simply better than the meat being produced conventionally today.”

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