NSW Farmers, Food Frontier and the National Farmers’ Federation have together launched the new Future of Protein Forum. The Forum brings together the expanse of Australia’s protein producers to develop and foster ways to meet the projected demand for Australian protein.

NSW Farmers CEO Peter Arkle recognised the value of supporting farmers to diversify with alternative proteins to help meet projected global protein demand, saying, “The global demand for protein in 2030 will be so high that traditional animal agriculture alone will come nowhere near meeting it.”

National Farmers’ Federation Chief Executive Tony Mahar stressed the importance of Australia’s agriculture industry being ‘on the front foot’, saying, “It’s important that the sector is positioned to realise the new opportunities presented by alternative proteins, and the Future of Protein Forum is an important step in that process.”

Australia is well positioned to take advantage of the growing consumer demand for plant-based meat; valued by Deloitte Access Economics to grow to $3 billion by 2030 in Food Frontier’s 2019 report, Meat the Alternative.

Sam Lawrence, Food Frontier’s Director of Policy and Government Relations, said the establishment of the Future of Protein Forum is critical in uniting the Australian agriculture industry and the alternative protein sector. He called on governments to follow the lead of the agriculture sector by engaging with the initiative and working together on projects to grow the alternative protein sector.

“The economic case is clear and compelling, and we hope will encourage participation in the Forum nationwide,” Mr Lawrence said.

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