Microbial fermentation company Nature’s Fynd, creator of a protein made using a fungal strain discovered in a geothermal hot spring in Yellowstone National Park, has raised US$45 million to prepare for its commercial launch. In 2021, the company will launch a range of dairy and meat alternatives, such as cream cheese, mousse, sliders, hot dogs, dumplings and more featuring its core protein ingredient ‘Fy’.

Nature’s Fynd emphasises that Fy will be produced without using genetic engineering and will have strong nutrition credentials: comprising 50% protein, plus fibre, oils and desirable micronutrients such as vitamins B12 and D, iron and calcium.

CEO Thomas Jonas lauded the “revolution going on in protein production,” and explained that microbes’ ability to double their biomass in hours makes them more efficient at producing protein than animals and many plants.

Jonas said: “There is growing realisation that microbes are pretty damn efficient. They make great protein and they do it really fast, you don’t have to plant a seed and harvest it six months later, and you can completely control the environment.”

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