Ivy Farm Technologies, the UK’s first cultivated meat production company, has officially opened Europe’s largest cultivated meat production plant. At 1,672 square meters, the company says it will be able to produce up to 2.8 tonnes of cell-cultivated meat a year.

CEO Richard Dillon highlighted the significance of the size of the new plant, saying that “making real meat in a new and sustainable way has never been done at real scale”, with the new capacity allowing for technological advancements that “boosts R&D capabilities, with the aim of reducing costs, scaling up production and making cultivated meat accessible to consumers on a global scale in the near future”. 

The development of the plant comes following a report released earlier this year by the company – in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group – detailing the benefits of cultivated meat to the UK, including creating an estimated £2.70 of value for each £1 of cultivated meat consumed. Ivy Farm co-founder Russ Tucker said of the report’s findings, “the cultivated meat industry has the potential to significantly boost the UK economy.” 

The report predicts the cultivated meat industry in the UK to make up six percent of the global alternative protein market by 2035, generate an additional £2.1billion to the UK economy and create over 16,000 local jobs by 2030. 

Tucker explained his view that “the way we produce meat today is unsustainable”, saying that the environmental impacts of industrial agriculture need to be acknowledged and acted upon. In reference to the report and production plant, Tucker highlighted that the ‘benefits of this success would be felt across the entire cultivated meat value chain and throughout the UK economy”.

The new facility boasts a pilot manufacturing plant and a 600L bioreactor, enabling expanded capacity for the cell growth process required to produce cultivated meat products at a larger scale for consumer consumption.

Ivy Farm Technologies, founded in 2019 and privately owned, hopes to become the first commercial producer of cultivated meat in the UK, and is working towards developing their own range of cultivated meat products for supermarkets across the country.

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