Food Frontier shares insights with foodservice leaders

This week, Food Frontier Research and Content Manager Klara Kalocsay presented at the SHIFT Academy Workshop, a new...
October 6, 2022 Food Frontier news
Food Frontier shares insights with foodservice leaders
Research Manager Klara Kalocsay speaks to the audience at SHIFT Academy

This week, Food Frontier Research and Content Manager Klara Kalocsay presented at the SHIFT Academy Workshop, a new initiative from Foodbuy and Compass Group that provides a forum for education and collaboration for foodservice professionals on plant-forward dietary principles.

The workshop took a culinary community of executive chefs and decision makers on an educational journey, highlighting the importance of plant-forward innovation and how everyday decisions about food choice can have a positive impact on the environment. Klara shared Food Frontier’s insights about the impact of food systems on the environment and health, consumer demand for meat alternatives and how alternatives are already being used in culinary settings across Australia.

Andrew Brightmore, Executive Director of Foodbuy said the plant-forward initiative was a demonstration of the organisation’s commitment to sustainability: “I’m excited to bring the plant-forward movement to our culinary community, unleashing trendsetting innovations and leading the necessary change towards healthier and more sustainable consumer eating habits.”

The event included interactive demonstrations and practical workshops by Foodbuy and Compass Group Executive Chefs, Leo Gstrein and Andrew Collins, featuring plant-based meat products from Fenn Foods and Simplot to showcase the possibilities with protein alternatives. Ex-Michelin Star Chef and Founder of Fenn Foods Alejandro Cancino demonstrated how his vEEF brand products can be used in a culinary setting to meet customers’ taste as well as dietary needs; creating pork-style dumplings in broth, san choy bow and plant-based sliders.

Underscoring the importance of the day in helping to create change, Klara said: “With Australians increasingly becoming aware of the health and environmental impacts of the foods they eat every day, the foodservice industry has a huge role to play in helping them easily access delicious, plant-centric dishes.”

“It’s fantastic to see Foodbuy and Compass Group leading the way forward in addressing this challenge. SHIFT Academy provides a great forum to bring together leading chefs to learn from one another and figure out how to enable the shift to plant-forward eating, starting with their own kitchens.”

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