Food Frontier launches new brand and website

As Food Frontier continues to expand our role as the lead educator and facilitator in alternative proteins in...
October 10, 2022 Food Frontier news
Food Frontier launches new brand and website
Food Frontier's old and new brands, from 2017 to 2022

As Food Frontier continues to expand our role as the lead educator and facilitator in alternative proteins in Australia and New Zealand, we’re excited to unveil today a new brand identity to represent our growing scope and impact.

We are also unveiling a new website to deliver an engaging user experience that dynamically showcases the diversity of resources we offer to businesses, innovators, policymakers, and others with interest in alternative proteins. 

Over the past five years, Food Frontier has grown exponentially from an organisation employing only our founder, Thomas King, to now becoming the principal thought leader in Australia and New Zealand’s alternative proteins ecosystem. 

Alternative proteins are a growing and critical sector as the world’s population is tipped to reach 10 billion by 2050, and demand for protein continues to rise. With the need to accelerate the local sector, our work has been essential in driving the national public dialogue on alternative proteins. Importantly, we highlight the sector’s benefits for public health and the environment, as well as the significant economic opportunity it offers, through ongoing thought leadership and extensive stakeholder engagement. 

Over time, Food Frontier’s work has risen to meet the needs of the sector, which has grown exponentially in recent years, with alternative proteins companies growing tenfold from four to 40 over the past five years.

“Our organisation has grown in lockstep with the expanding ecosystem of alternative proteins pioneers in our region, and as we reach a tipping point in the sector’s expansion, it’s a great moment to introduce our new brand and digital presence,” said CEO Jane Sydenham-Clarke. 

 “It’s wonderful to launch this new brand and website that smartly represent Food Frontier’s leadership in driving catalytic, collective impact as we continue our mission towards a nutritious, sustainable and diversified food supply,” she continued. 

The new brand, a bold, contemporary illustration of Food Frontier’s evolution, was created in collaboration with our longstanding brand agency, Biggie Smalls

Gemma Wharekawa, Partner, Biggie Smalls, explained the agency’s approach: “The brand idea ‘Alternative Thinking’ inspired the development of a clean and confident identity. Bold graphic elements and photography bring simple yet elegant visual depth to information-heavy output, and are complemented by an evolved colour palette, icon library, and typography. 

The result is a refreshed brand identity that conveys an organisation at the forefront of its sector.”

As an agency with strong credentials working with sustainability and purpose-driven brands, Biggie Smalls has been a true partner to Food Frontier, designing our research reports and much more. 

The new website, designed by Rock Agency, a B Corp certified digital agency, has launched today at

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