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Teri Lichtenstein

Accredited Practising Dietitian

As a dietitian and nutritionist, Teri knows that food plays a critical role in overall health and she also believes that food is more than just the sum of the nutrients it provides. Her work considers the evolving global dietary guidelines that recommend people of all nations eat more plant based foods for optimal health, along with the simultaneously growing demand for plant based meat alternatives that satisfy consumers’ desires for similar eating experiences to conventional meat. Teri sees value in Food Frontier’s work towards ensuring we don’t further deplete the planet’s finite agricultural sources, whilst at the same time responding to the shifting attitudes of a more conscious consumer base. She believes that the food industry can meet these dual needs by exploring innovative food technology to provide sustainably-produced alternative protein foods, yet still delivering on the overall taste and eating experience. Providing healthy, nutritious and sustainable foods for the long term is a goal that is aligned with both Teri’s professional and personal views, and through that lens she advises Food Frontier’s initiatives related to its work as a health-promotion charity.

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