Queensland plant-based meat company vEEF, by Fenn Foods, has launched a Carbon Neutral Plant-Based Mince – which it believes is the world’s first carbon neutral plant-based meat.

Fenn Foods co-founder Alejandro Cancino and his wife and co-founder Paola Moro explained that the company’s commitment to the environment inspired them to undergo the six-month process necessary for carbon neutral accreditation. “Including more plants in your diet is key to combatting climate change,” said Alejandro.

Global authorities such as the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute have provided evidence for the need to sustainably diversify protein supply amidst declining natural resources and a changing climate.

The Carbon Neutral Plant-Based Mince has won fans at popular meal-kit company HelloFresh, which will feature the product in meal kits from this month. Carbon Neutral Mince is also available in select independent retailers in Queensland.

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