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Alternative proteins are a big part of our food future, which you can help champion.

Food Frontier helps businesses, policymakers and innovators to understand these emerging alternatives and unlock the economic, environmental, and public health benefits they offer.

We provide quality data, insights and resources to help individuals and organisations to get involved in the sector and engage with others working to build stronger food systems. Learn more and find resources below:

Who We Support

We offer insights, introductions and strategic advice to help businesses attract investment, secure partnerships, drive product innovation and expand in the region. This is how we enable suppliers, distributors, retailers and foodservice companies to capitalise on the surging demand for plant-based meat alternatives.
We provide research and recommendations to governments and regulators in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia wishing to be at the forefront of alternative protein innovation to generate jobs, drive economic growth, and strengthen food systems through diversification. The opportunity to lead the region in plant-based meat, precision fermentation and cultivated meat innovation is ripe.
Innovators & Investors
We support scientists and entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific to pioneer plant-based meat and cellular agriculture R&D that addresses market gaps and satisfies evolving consumer demands. We also offer guidance and introductions for investors seeking to navigate the alternative proteins landscape and back the most promising and high-impact ventures.

We connect leaders to unlock the future of food.
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