A new partnership in Singapore between cellular agriculture company TurtleTree Labs and biotech company Dyadic International has the potential to reduce costs for the cellular agriculture sector worldwide. The companies are working together to develop food-grade growth factors, which are cell culture media components can be used to grow proteins in high yields at lower costs in bioreactors.

Growth factors traditionally used in cellular agriculture have high production costs, as they were first developed for medical research and therapeutics, which do not have the same scale requirements and cost constraints as food production. Given growth factors currently make up the bulk of the cost of cell-based protein production, a new lower-cost food-grade growth factor would allow cellular agriculture companies to scale their production and reach market faster.

TurtleTree Labs co-founder and Chief Strategist Max Rye said that manufacturing growth factors both at scale and affordably has been a major challenge, and that the partnership with Dyadic will help the company “overcome this hurdle” safely and efficiently.

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